PACTA , Independent wealth advisor

How do you manage your family assets today?

To manage your family assets you probably call on many different counsellors: your accountant, tax advisor, banker, insurance agent, real estate expert, notary, ... what often makes matters quite complicated.

PACTA, however, will assist you in managing your assets in a transparent and bespoke way, so providing greater efficiency.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”Benjamin Franklin

What are PACTA'S objectives?

We are committed to making a long-term pact with you. We use our expertise to assess your situation correctly and develop a skilful strategy for the future. PACTA is an independent office that advises you with competence and integrity and is therefore the ally of your interests.

How can PACTA cooperate with you?

Experts make an inventory of your property, analyse it thoroughly and approach the issue from many different angles, taking into account your objectives and concerns. This way we get a global view of who you are, what you own and what your goals are. Together we will specify these targets and match all components of your assets to the maximum.
Following topics are covered:
  • when and how can you achieve financial independence?
  • what fiscal and financial elements pose a risk to your assets?
  • what about efficiency and level of costs of your investments?
  • are your current investments and capital gain in accordance with the desired risk profile?
  • how can you best allocate your assets?
  • how to deal with the increasing tax burden on your liquid assets?
  • how can your fixed assets best be structured in a tax interesting way?
  • how should your pension be optimized, both fiscally and financially?
  • how can you better protect your relatives through long-term inheritance planning?